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    certified-expert-dealer-logoAt Napoleon Feed Mill we are a full-service agricultural center located in the Greater Jackson Area serving all Mid Michigan. Based in Napoleon, Michigan we supply consumers with a wide range of products including lawn and garden, feed supplies, wildlife products, pond supplies, and much more. We are a family owned business, large enough to support the needs of our changing market and loyal customers. Let our experienced sales staff help you choose from our hundreds of vendors to make your shopping experience easier and more enjoyable. At Napoleon Feed Mill our knowledgeable staff stays up-to-date on current trends and innovations in the marketplace by listening to our customer’s needs, furthering education, attending trade shows and educational seminars, and by staying in a close relationship with our manufacturers and distributors. You, our customers, are our main focus. Without assisting your needs we have no future, our pledge is to stay on the cutting edge to learn and educate ourselves and our clientele.

Frost seeding is a great way to replenish a thinning, existing pasture. The late winter's freeze-and-thaw cycles, can help broadcasted seeds get into the soil. The warmer daytime temperatures and the still freezing nights will crack the soil allowing seeds to penetrate. Seed to soil contact is crucial.  READ MORE

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Tip of The Week

To avoid snow mold in the spring make sure your last lawn mowing of the year is at a low height. This will help keep the habitat for fungus at a lower threshold going into early Spring. The higher the grass going into winter equals a higher chance of fungus in the Spring. You can also put down a granular fungicide right now to help prevent fungus as well. We recommend applying F-Stop Fungicide. 

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